Fix it in the mix album reviews is a regular vlog that reviews the latest releases within the rock genre. Unlike most critics, Chris takes the entire release and analyses it in depth. Everything from the songwriting to the production, to the performances, even the album cover and gives it a final rating. Check out the latest episode below!

                               Episode 5 "Iron Maiden- The Book of Souls Live Chapter"

In Episode 5 of Fix It In The Mix, the mighty Iron Maiden's new live album "The Book of Souls Live Chapter" gets a spin. How does it hold up?

                          Episode 4 "Cold Chisel- The Live Tapes vol 4 CD/DVD deluxe edition"

It's time to get some aussie pub rock on and review Cold Chisel's new live album volume 4 of their live tape series! 

             Episode 3- "David Gilmour- Live at Pompeii Blu-ray"

The legendary David Gilmour returns to the Pompeii Amphitheater 45 years after his show with Pink Floyd. But was it worth the wait? 

 Episode 2 "Sons of Apollo- Psychotic Symphony"

I've been eagerly awaiting for Sons of Apollo's debut album "Psychotic Symphony" all year but has it been worth the wait? Lets find out! 

 Episode 1 "Foo Fighters- Concrete and Gold"

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