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The Hardest Guitar solo I've ever recorded!

I remember recording the outro guitar solo for "Hurt in your eyes" like it was yesterday......

It was a friday morning back in early 2016 and I'd practiced up the solo intensely leading up to the recording session. I remember going in thinking it still had some work to get right but figured I'd at least be able to make a start on it and just redo takes as I needed. 10 takes in, it was just horrible- like i was learning to play all over again! 20, 30, 40. It just wasn't working. So I broke for lunch and came back and just spent the next hour practicing the tricky G major/Em pattern across the neck. 50, 60 takes....nothing was working.

I crashed out...not happy. Put aside my weekend off for this solo. I knew the track had something special about it, and it just needed this solo to soar. It took 3 days and somewhere around 140-150 takes but I finally had something I can be proud of. I played it again at The Bodega to a warm crowd in celebration for the 5 year anniversary of THe Spark Within!


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