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4- Bodega Bar Toowoomba 7pm 
5- Pineapple Hotel 8.30pm 
6- Three Brews Bar and Kitchen 4.30pm 
11- Diamonds Tavern 6.30pm 
12- Bodega Bar Toowoomba 7pm 
13- Redland Bay Hotel-  1.30pm 
19- Beerwah Hotel 7.30pm 
25- Private function 
26- The Gem Hotel 6pm  


2- Hamilton Hotel 6pm 
3- Southbank Beergarden 4pm 
4- Redland Bay Hotel 1.30pm 
9- Royal Exchange Hotel 5pm 
10- Petrie Hotel Sports Bar 2pm 
10- Bodega Bar Toowoomba 7pm 
16- Southbank Beergarden 4pm 
17- Bodega Bar Toowoomba 7pm 
23-Labrador Tigers 6pm 
31- Off Tap Papas 8pm 

Check back soon for more dates! 



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