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The Hero of the night

Often the life of a working musician whilst a lot of fun, can sometimes take its toll on your health. i.e. Minimal sleep, long hours, When I arrived to the Mooloolaba Surf Club on Friday night to play with band Mr Perkins, and said hey to my buddy Rick, it had never appeared more clearer.

"Hey man" he replied in a croacky voice. "I feel like crap.....but the show must go on!"

Now for those of you who don't know, Rick is the singer for Mr Perkins.

While feeling sorry for the poor guy, as he was battling a terrible chest infection that sent him into coughing fits through the night. I couldn't help but be caught up in his enthusiasm to make music despite how bad he felt. He could have just as easy canned the gig but he instead loaded in all the gear with us, got on stage and gave it everything he had. Poor Rick could barely speak but somehow managed to sing this song and dozens of others throughout the whole night.

RIck didn't want me to put this up but I think we need to give this man a round of applause, right?

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