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I waited 15 years to play this gig

One of the most rewarding things I've had as a musician and an artist is the privlidge of sharing the stage with some talented musicians over the years.

Going back to 1996, my very first band "Little Green Men" gave me the opportunity to learn many amazing skills that I would use throughout my life but just as importantly I forged a lifelong mate in meeting drummer "Leigh Clarke". Even back then when we were just 13 years of age, he was already an amazing drummer. When I first heard him play, I had no idea drums were capable of creating the sounds he was getting from the instrument.

In 2000, I met musician Ray Kostianen through Liberty Church and was blown away at the talent he displayed as a musician. When I first met him, he was a great guitarist who had just made a step into mastering the bass as well. A warm friendly guy who I would go onto learning heaps from about music and life.

All these years later, all 3 of us have played in numerous projects. (Leigh and I, Ray and I, Leigh and Ray) but never all 3 of us had been together on the same stage. We finally had an opportunity on Tuesday night playing in Backroom Vegas playing at The Sheraton Mirage on the lovely Gold Coast. fronted by the talented Paul Vercoe

Paul is easily one of the most energetic singers I've ever witnessed. Throughout the gig I don't think for a moment he stood still on the stage and he gave every note he sang 110%. An amazing performer.

You can check out two videos and some pics below. A big thanks to my amazing friend Michael Telford for his exceptional work behind the camera!

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