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Sometimes those last minute gigs are the best

So last Saturday, I was all set for a pretty chilled weekend when suddenly I get a text from Jamie (guitarist for Mr Perkins)

"Chris, are you able to play Palmwoods Hotel tonight? Leigh, Ray and Rick will be there"

I immediately replied back

"I'll be there!"

I knew straight away that playing with those guys again would be fun and that I had to take along a couple of cameras to get some footage (and my guitar obviously!).

I hadn't seen the guys since late last year, but it was like I had played with them yesterday. No rehearsal, just show up and make great music because these guys are just exceptionally talented musos.

Sometimes, those last minute gigs are often the best and what better way then to play some "Aussie Pub Rock" in an "Aussie Pub"! It doesn't get more aussie than AC/DC and The Choirboys!

Check out the footage below

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