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I discovered you can put a guitar solo in a Pink song

It had been about 10 months since I last played with these guys but I had a ball catching up with my friends from Raise Your Glass (Pink featuring Lady Gaga tribute) recently at Options Tavern.

Shortly into the show, I was reminded just how fun it was to share the stage with these guys. Kim, Grant, Nik, Emily and Asabi are good friends of mine but I think what made me look forward to this show is they don't ask me to be Justin Derrico (Pinks Guitarist). Now hey don't get me wrong, I think Justin is an amazing guitarist. You've only got to listen to this guy for a few bars to here how incredibly versatile he is on the instrument but I want to be Chris Timms. After all, I'm the best at being myself ;)

I discovered you can actually put a guitar solo in a Pink song and make it work! Check out the footage below by hitting the pic and towards the end of the video you'll hear the guys let me cut loose on "Slut Like You" I honestly, didn't want to stop playing!

Hit the pic just below to watch the video (and don't forget to HIT LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE)

Photo credit Dani Katz

Pink Tribute
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