I don't consider myself a drummer but....

I'm a huge fan of great drummers. John Bonham, Stuart Copeland, Mike Portnoy, Virgil Donati, Nicko Mcbrain are a few of my incredibly long list of faves.

Having said that, I can get a decent sound from a drum kit, though I don't consider myself a great drummer tbh! When I showed up to the Renegade Groove Duo gig, my duo partner and a good mate Rick, handed me a stompbox and said "Here you go!" I looked at it slightly confused but once he plugged it in, I couldn't get enough of it.

Essentially, what it allowed me to do is emulate a bass drum underneath the guitar and vocals. It doesn't quite cut through the guitar and vocals from the audio source in this video but at 3.20, you can hear it nice and clear. It was a lot of fun!

Check out the highlights from the Renegade Groove gig below!

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